Welcome to our Texas License to Carry Online Course! This comprehensive course covers all the essential topics required by Texas law, including: - Laws related to weapons and the use of deadly force - Handgun use and safety - Non-violent dispute resolution - Proper storage practices Complete the course at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. Upon completion, you'll receive your LTC-101 certificate, ready for the proficiency demonstration with a certified instructor. **Module 1: Laws and Use of Force (2 hours)** Understand the legal aspects of carrying a handgun and the laws surrounding the use of deadly force. **Module 2: Handgun Use and Safety (45 minutes)** Learn the fundamentals of handgun operation, safety protocols, and best practices for handling and storage. **Module 3: Non-Violent Dispute Resolution (45 minutes)** Explore techniques for resolving conflicts peacefully and de-escalating tense situations. **Module 4: Proper Storage Practices (45 minutes)** Master the best practices for storing handguns safely, with a focus on preventing accidents, especially in homes with children.
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Texas License to Carry Course (Online)

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License to Carry Course

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**Certification and Next Steps** After successfully completing our online course, you'll receive your LTC-101 certificate. Here's what to do next: 1. **Download Your Certificate**: Immediately available upon course completion. 2. **Schedule Proficiency Demonstration**: Use our [Instructor Locator Tool] to find a certified instructor near you for the live-fire portion. 3. **Submit Your Application**: Follow the instructions provided in the course to submit your certificate and application to the Texas DPS. For any questions or additional support, feel free to contact our customer service team at [Email] or [Phone Number].